I am an artistic child, I admit it.

by Alex Hern

4. How does Tony Moore’s art effectively realise the world of TWD? How do you feel knowing that he will be replaced for the second (and all future) arcs?

Again, we hit my art illiteracy. He does it well? I quite like some of the slightly cartoony tics he has, particularly in some facial expressions – although “clear and expressive” might describe them better.

One thing I like, but I’m not sure for the reasons I should, is the weird way his style interacts with some of the extreme violence. I think the best example is Amy’s face when she gets bitten. I just can’t not see that as slightly slapstick.

I have to say, though, given this is far more of a soap opera than a zombie flick (as all zombie flicks are as well, I guess), I’d trade poor violence-depiction for world-class facial expressions. An artist who can tell me what someone’s thinking without a word is crucial for this sort of book, and Moore can do that. Which is part of the reason why it’s so irritating that Kirkman’s writing doesn’t give him a huge number of times to do it. Shane’s glare at the end of issue three works, but when Rick gets his shock at the end of issue two, why write in a “holy shit.”? Just leave Moore to do his work.

Knowing he’ll be replaced? Obviously right now I can’t believe it. He is the Walking Dead to me, in fact far more than Kirkman is – I could handle a completely different write far more than I could lose the expressions and style. But clearly, I have to deal with it. I liked these six issues enough that I’m going to get the compendium, so by issue 45 maybe I’ll like Adlard as well?