Walking Dead week

by Alex Hern

As I did in September, this week I’ll be moving this blog over to covering my responses to Alternate Cover’s Graphic Novel Book Club. This month (after a slight gap while they did other stuff) they’re covering The Walking Dead, and so I’ve read the first six issues, and written up my answers to their discussion questions.

Short version? Although this was the first book the guys did which I hadn’t already read, I liked it, enough that when I have the cash (always when I have the cash) I’m going to splash out on The Walking Dead Compendium. I’m sad to see Moore go, but I’m hoping Adlard won’t drive me away. But we’ll see.

As a side-note, I wish more comics were collected the way Walking Dead has been. I was glad to see Kirkman going down the same route with Invincible (although too late for me – I’ve already got enough of the Ultimate Collections that I’m tied in. Although, if anyone has Ultimate Collection vols one and two and wants to trade them and a bit of cash for my Complete Invincible Library volume one, drop me a like at my name @gmail.com), and super glad to see that DC appears to be doing the same thing for The Invisibles. 1500 pages of Grant Morrison! I just like being able to have a sizeable chunk of story – ideally the whole story, as with Bone – in one volume.

(As ever, if you want more politics and less comics, I remind you that I’m also writing full time over at Left Foot Forward.)