Newsflash: People on the internet can be proper mental.

by Alex Hern

Obviously, when you do fascist-baiting, you expect to – hope, even – to get some enjoyably insane comments. Even if the fascists seem not to read Left Foot Forward (I know! I’m as surprised as you), some mad people do. I present the best comment from my first month as a full-time blogger:

The real KU KLUX KLAN folks are not really WHITE!!, they are BLACK indeed but they are put to work by their KKK Leaders from the U.S. here in the U.K. They may call themselves a West Indian, but if you check out who they really are, there here on a mission with the KKK and their chemical poisons for their SEERS, so they can play hide and seek magically and do not have anything in common with people that are of a West Indian background, only to fool most people, and do all race hate antics and violence. There WARFARE exists in an OCCULT REALM and there Warfare is mainly orchestrated against other Black people that do not worship the beast, and are not of the same race as the beast, or put another way the who does not have the ABYSS genes in their blood.