From little acorns

by Alex Hern

5. How does this chapter of League: Century compare to its predecessor, League: 1910?

It’s denser, with a less compelling story and a far richer world. It’s very obviously the middle chapter of a trilogy, and suffers for it. The art is different.

OK, look. I blew my load on the first three questions. I’m going to use this more for final thoughts, I think.

Going back to something I think I spoke about earlier, one thing I’ve been wondering is what the League would be like without O’Neill. The league, or the world, either of them. I’ve been trying to think of another series that is so clearly a writer/artist pair that then swapped out the artist and stayed good. I guess Starman? Peter Snejberg did a fair amount of the later issues, didn’t he? American Vampire just had that great arc with Sean Murphy, following the same model that Starman did in the early days (when you have a different artist, call it a mini-series, even when it basically isn’t).

I’d like to see the same thing with the League’s world. Bring in another artist, do something tangentially related. Go wild, build up a second line – Moore did it with ABC, he can do it again. He has the whole of history and fiction to play with, and he’s disappearing a but up his own arse with this story. Where is that political drama? Or the rom-com? The police procedural, the cape book? I want them in this world too.