Artistic Illiteracy

by Alex Hern

4. How does Kevin O’Neill adapt his artistic style to a more modern setting? Do his choices work, or are the book’s visuals too drastically different from previous volumes?

I’m going to come clean here: I didn’t really notice a difference. I admit it, I’m a terrible comics reader. Now, I haven’t actually gone back and compared before and after much – I had re-read The Black Dossier about a month beforehand – but there’s nothing that jumped out at me as a massive change.

Thinking about it now it’s been pointed out, I guess it’s… uglier? Not in a pejorative sense, but the people, the architecture, the linework itself – they all have a more scratchy, depressing feel about them. I think.

Naw, I’m going to abdicate this question. I like it? Is that good criticism?

Oh! I did notice the difference in the epilogue. Obviously. Um. It fit that scene?

Yeesh, I’m embarrassed.