A blog post (geddit)

by Alex Hern

A quick post to explain why there’s been the slight pause in updates; I am now the intern for Left Foot Forward, and will be for the next three to six months. You’ll be able to find my posts here, including my VERY FIRST POST, and if there’s something especially interesting or relevant to a discussion I’m having here, I’ll highlight it especially.

Clearly, this necessitates a change in focus for this. Becoming more of a personal site means that my posts will likely become sweary overviews of the issues of the week, with less of a focus on specific stories. I’ll try to keep the legal aid stuff up over there, when I get a choice for what to do. I’ll keep the interesting links up, and I’m afraid (for most of you) the comics things are going to stay.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose. If you liked reading, not much will change. If you didn’t, not much will change. If you really liked it, I’m now being paid to write similar things nine to five. So, all good for all of us really?