The [comics], they are a-changing…

by Alex Hern

Posting your new DC pull-list seems to be the done thing right now, and who am I to turn up an opportunity to postpostpost?

Animal Man Lemire/Foreman

Lemire’s Sweet Tooth and Superboy have earnt him a pass in my book, and Foreman’s art in the previews I’ve stumbled upon (I generally don’t like reading previews) has been pretty nice…

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Lemire/Ponticelli

as has Ponticelli’s in the sort-of-maybe prequel to this book, Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown (before he was swept off for reboot work – seriously, I don’t think there’s anyone with an opinion on this who doesn’t think that DC have handled the whole thing in a way that has led to a few months of seriously below-par comics).

Stormwatch Cornell/Sepulveda

Cornell has shown he can write an engaging team book with Captain Britain and MI:13 – the only book I’ve ever read monthly that’s been cancelled due to low sales (I either have very good luck, or very mainstream tastes – but I think that streak is going to end sharpish) – and although I haven’t really seen much at all of Sepulveda’s work (I think only that spread from the Superman/Batman annual), what I have seen has been pretty.

Demon Knights Cornell/Neves

This is the dark horse for me. I’m getting it off the back of Cornell’s strength on Captain Britain (again), but also the first… 9? 10? issues of his Action Comics run, before editorial mandate derailed it pretty badly. He can clearly write anti-heroes, has a flair for the supernatural, andisBritishandwritesDoctorWho (not really a very good reason for buying his comics, but fuck it! What use is loyalty ever, when you think about it?). Neves is a worry for me, though. I’ve only seen his art in X-Men: Worlds Apart, and it was… forgettable. Like, I’ve forgotten it; I had to go to his ComicBookDB page to realise that that was him.

Action Comics Morrison/Morales

I have no idea whether we’ll get All Star Superman Morrison or, well, Batman Inc. #8 Morrison, but frankly even the latter I can handle. And with Morales drawing, it will never be as bad a book overall as that abomination. I actually have pretty fucking high hopes for it; Morrison clearly has a story he wants to tell, he’s getting away from a character that he looks like he’s getting a bit tired of, and Socialism in my comics? I’ll take that, friend, I’ll take that.

There is only one I’m still on the fence about, and being on the fence is pretty rare for me (for reasons I guess I’ll extrapolate on one day?):

Batwoman Blackman/Williams

The Rucka/Williams run of Batwoman was some of the best comics I’ve ever read, but heartwrenchingly short. The problem is, I’m not convinced that Rucka is a mere replaceable part of that team. Yes, JHW3 was stellar, but man. I don’t want this to be his Batman: Odyssey, y’know? And I’m not sure that’s something that we’ll really know until a couple of issues in (well, OK, if it really is that mental, we’ll know pretty fast).

So! Five defs, one maybe, up from… Superboy, Action Comics, Batman Inc. Grats, DC! You’ve made some sales, I guess?

With no Justice League on there, and an absolute refusal to pick up Flashpoint, today’s not actually got anything to do with me. I suppose I’ll store up my excitement for next week?