by Alex Hern

RHCPSo, apparently some group from California are suing David Duchovny for stealing their word.

The band, called the Red Hot Chili Peppers, maintain that they coined the word for their seventh studio album, and that by using it for his hit show, Duchovny has devalued the word.

Jokes aside, has anything illegal actually occurred? It was my understanding that trademarks’ exclusivity is confined to the area of commerce they’re used in. That’s why we can have Apple Inc and Apple Estates (they’re round the corner from me). Seems to me like Band and TV Show are different things. But I could be wrong…

I’m not going to post any RHCP. Not because I’m afraid of lawsuits, but because they’re shit. Wooden Shjips aren’t. They’re just odd. This is the 8-minute vinyl version of Dance, California.

Wooden Shjips – Dance, California [MP3 Removed]