Cats and Cats and Cats

by Alex Hern

One of the first songs ever posted on this blog, over a year ago, was Hot Club de Paris’ Sometimesitsbetternototstickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother. A wonderful example of indie rock moving into its own post-rock stage, it was a song far more reminiscent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor than anything that had hit the NME chart in the last year.

Taking cues from the same musical landscape as Hot Club de Paris, Cats and Cats and Cats are a five piece (plus trumpet) from Staines, who have just put out a split EP with This Town Needs Guns (more on them later) on Big Scary Monsters. Alternately creating rhythmic, loud and almost mathematical songs, akin to Hot Club and 65daysofstatic, and lush soundscapes that are closer to Mogwai, they have already been tipped as the (a?) next big thing by Huw Stephens, but the deciding factor will be whether, second time around, the mainstream is more open to post-rock. If they are, then these cats could go far.Brilliant the Brilli Ant is the opening track to the split EP, while Happiness for Lola is the closer to their debut Victorialand EP.

Cats and Cats and Cats – Brilliant the Brilli Ant [MP3 Removed via indiechristoph]

Cats and Cats and Cats – Happiness for Lola [MP3 Removed via MySpace]

Image ganked from fofurasfelinas on flickr