Woody’s Roundup

by Alex Hern

Round upA couple of unconnected, but, in their own special way, awesome tracks for you today.
First up is a cut from M.I.A.’s new album, Kala. M.I.A. has done a lot with this album, not least making it listenable from beginning to end. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits, but I did find my ears bleeding if I attempted to play more than three tracks from Arular back to back. It seemed like the same thing that made her so unique threatened to be her downfall as well.
Kala proves that she can tone down the, um, abrasive quality of her music and still sound unlike any other artist recording today. The first single, Boyz, was a real return to form, and heralded even greater critical success, as well as a US top 10.
But it wasn’t supposed to be the lead single. That honour was originally reserved for Paper Planes, a very different track that samples the Clash’s Straight to Hell to great effect. Unfortunately, someone at the label realised that a song with the chorus “All I wanna do is *Gunshots* and *Kerching* make some money” probably wouldn’t go down well with clear channel. Or any radio programmers.
The other track is one by Plushgun, who’ve soaked the airwaves internet with their latest single. No reason why they shouldn’t have – its good, replete with lyrics that seem clever but acutally… make… little… sense.

I walk the line like Johnny Cash/I made the bus in seconds flat/I called your line too many times/I’m not obsessed, just impolite.

M.I.A. – Paper Planes [MP3 Removed]
Plushgun – Just Impolite [MP3 Removed]