These things are cool: Kanye West

by Alex Hern

I’ve been meaning to do a post on Kanye for a while, but by the time I got round to writing the first one, it was too long after the release of Stronger for me to really do anything with that.
Then Graduation came out, and to say I was uninspired by that would be an understatement. I seem pretty alone in that opinion, although Drowned in Sound seems to agree with me, the money quote being

Five years’ time, tool up like Ralph Wiggum and prepare to say “I can’t believe I used to go out with you” every time he walks past.

But I’ve always thought I should say something about him, if only to point out the arrogance of releasing “Stronger by Kanye West”, rather than the more, um, accurate “Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. [Kanye West Mix],” which is what that song is. Still, it satisfies my lust for strange cover versions, so who am I to complain, really?
Anyway, the recent thing that brought mister West back to me was another strange cover, this time with 30 Seconds to Mars covering him covering Daft Punk. An interesting choice, but sadly all it does is prove how the merits in each of the two originals were the (variously) brilliant orchestration, fantastic beats, and, of course, Kanye’s delivery. None of which feature on this, leaving a dreary, repetitive (nearly seven minute) drudge through an already too-familiar song.

30 Seconds to Mars – Stronger [MP3 Removed via Mixtape Maestro]
Kanye West – Stronger (Mano Remix) [MP3 Removed via indiechristoph]