by Alex Hern

Sometimes there are cultural phenomena. Something new arrives on the scene, and, for no apparent reason, shoots, briefly to the top of the world.Sometimes there are internet phenomena. These are the same basic thing, except with magic dogs and psychedelic rainbows. One perfect example of this is the cartoon Adventure Time. Shown but once on TV, on a Nickelodeon pilots compilation, it, like much before it, gained a second life on YouTube. It is totally rhombus.

Anyway, much of the music that you can hear on that program – in fact, all, save the opening theme – is by one man, called Casey James. One of the kings of this modern world, Casey appears to be able to do anything. He had a hand on the CGI for Pirates of the Caribbean, he produces fine photography and drawings, he is in the worlds “premier ukulele and gameboy band”, and he stopped the undead rampage of Imhotep.
Its the ukulele and gameboy band I want to focus on. Called Casey James and the Staypuft Kid, they have but one downloadable song from their myspace, and no CDs out. So I guess I’ll look at the song.
It sounds like Conor Oberst having a breakdown in a toy factory (as a side note, does anyone else like those kind of comparisons?). The general background ambience is just of the right side of disney, while the actual song, if forced into traditional instrumentation, would fit right into Bright Eyes back catalogue. I like that.

Casey James and the Staypuft Kid – Songbirds and Ghetto Blasters [MP3 Removed]
Casey James and the Staypuft Kid [MySpace]