These things are cool: Kate Nash

by Alex Hern

If you are from Great Britain, you will, by now, have heard of Kate Nash, and probably be strongly opinionated in some way. Shooting to number one with her second single, Foundations, she was derided by many as just knock-off Lily Allen, down to the same kooky dress sense, mockney accent, and impressive production values. It doesn’t help that she was boosted to fame by, of all things, being in Allen’s Top 8 on Myspace.
There are, of course, differences, some more flattering than others. For instance, just five seconds of genuine hipster-shit first single Caroline is a Victim will tell you she has her own unique roots. Sadly, six seconds of it, and you will be screaming for it to stop. Bizarrely, despite leaving it off her album, and not writing any other songs like it, Nash still insists it has its merits. I’ve posted it for you to decide.
After that outrage of a song, it was surprising, to say the least, to hear Foundations, but hear it we did. Being fantastic, it rightly shot to number one, and everyone heard it. And then heard it some more. And, eventually, started trying to stop hearing it.
I’m not posting that. I’ve heard it too much myself, and if you have, you won’t thank me, and if you haven’t, you can find it elsewhere.
What I would like to post is a remix I picked up from indiechristoph. As everybody knows, remixes are variable. Remixes by Metronomy are not, however. I know I’m a bit slow on this one, but give me a break, I’ve been on holiday.

Kate Nash – Caroline is a Victim [MP3 Removed via The Putz Factory]
Kate Nash – Foundations (Metronomy Remix) [MP3 Removed via indiechristoph]
Kate Nash – Made of Bricks [Album]

Image by dramaqueenraj on flickr under Creative Commons