These things are cool: Kid Harpoon

by Alex Hern

After posting Kid Harpoon’s cover of Going Down (one of the singalongs of the summer, for me at least), I felt I should do him justice with a post of his own. Hailing from the same stable of slightly psychedelic, Sid Barrett-influenced Twickenham bands as Mystery Jets and Larrikin Love, Kid (Mr Harpoon?) didn’t enjoy the same level of fame as they did, although looking at their fates, that is probably for the best in the long run – better to be a slow-burner than a fad, surely. Still, his music is instantly familiar, solosingersongwriter fare, but with a genuine dark twist in it that isn’t seen enough these days, Late for the Devil being a classic example.

Well I suppose, better than never my soul

Is late for the devil

I must have missed him calling out

Or something like that.

I must admit, however, in my mind Kid Harpoon has always been a bit of a cover queen, given that his my two favourite songs are the aforementioned collaboration and a version of First We Take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen. I am sure that this is due to failure on my part and not his, but it still leaves me wanting more than I have received.

I should thank Transparent Magazine for these demos – I’m not sure they’ve ever been available for download, so without them, this would just be a redirect to the myspace page.

Kid Harpoon – Late for the Devil [MP3 Removed via Transparent Magazine]
Kid Harpoon – First We Take Manhattan [MP3 Removed via Transparent Magazine]
Kid Harpoon [MySpace]

Image by loungerie from Flickr under Creative Commons