It’s all take take take.

by Alex Hern

I said I would follow up the Tunng post when I got more money, and, well, that was a half truth. I’m still album-less, but I can now write a post about Good Arrows, the new album.
Based on what I’ve heard so far, it represents a genuine progression from their previous album, somehow becoming both more of an abstract soundscape, and a lot more accessible.
The song Take is a good example of that. Despite having even less of a “structure” than previous songs such as Jenny Again or Woodcat, it seems instantly recognisable, and, while it lacks some of the recognisable film samples that made the previous album such a unique proposition, it makes up for it with the intense layering of all kinds of instruments, and a true feeling of coherence throughout the whole recording that makes you feel like you just eavesdropped on something very special.
I also feel I should post another song from the second album, Woodcat. I assumed I’d posted it when it was released first time, because it is so damn good, but turns out I didn’t. Its the closest they got to a proper single, and there was even a video (of sorts) for it. Also, it needs to be listened to on headphones, because when the panning kicks in, your head ASPLODE.

Tunng – Take [MP3 Removed, Album]
Tunng – Woodcat [MP3 Removed]