These things are cool: Florence and the Machine

by Alex Hern

These things are cool. In which I post things which have gained that elusive quality of “Cool”.
Florence and the Machine are cool. Very cool. And indie succubus with the lungs of a goddess backed by a shady figure with an acoustic guitar, they can’t fail to impress. They are also very difficult to dislike (a rare trait in some of the bands in this scene), and musically capable in a classic way.
Despite not actually having a single out, Florence has created one of the greatest singalongs of the summer in the form of her duet with Kid Harpoon on a cover of Going Down, but to mention this would be to sell out her original stuff, including the fantastic Girl With 1 Eye.
Fact Magazine have done an interview with her which includes one particularly quoteable question:

You appear to have a song called ‘Donkey Kosh’. Does this title have anything to do with the fairly horrific sexual act of similar name?
What? What’s that? What have you been doing, I have never heard of a sexual act called donkey kosh.

Florence and the Machine – Girl With 1 Eye [MP3 Removed]
Florence and Kid Harpoon – Going Down [MP3 Removed]
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