Jenny, who isn’t a friend of mine.

by Alex Hern

Tunng are a band. Their third album is out today, but because I have little money, I am not going to write about that one. Yet.
Comments of the Inner Chorus is an album by the band Tunng. Until today, it was their most recent one, but all that has changed. What hasn’t changed is the sublime folktronica (new genre!) that it contains, and the perfect example of mashup culture that its use of film samples and obscure instruments makes it.
Jenny Again is a song by the band Tunng, on the album Comments of the Inner Chorus. Its upbeat melody conceals the fact that its a murder song. Why are they all murder songs? Its quite good. One for listening to on headphones – the panning really boosts the intensity.

Tunng – Jenny Again [MP3 Removed, Album]