From a shop.

by Alex Hern

Its rather odd to be posting from a shop. Even if it is the Apple store. The usual calming whiteness is conflicting with the balshy ad-umentary that is showing in the theatre section, and the all-encompassing wi-fi is all that is stopping me from tearing up while I wait for word on how much actual money I have.

Ooh, the new iMacs are pretty.

Anyway, being here reminded me of a song that I never actually posted. It’s called Energy, by the band Apples in Stereo. It featured in an episode of House. And they played SXSW this year. They also did a duet with Yoko Ono. Which is just fucked up.

Apples in Stereo – Energy [MP3 Removed, Album]

Yoko Ono with Apples in Stereo – Nobody Sees Me Like You Do [MP3 Removed]