Holding out for a Hero.

by Alex Hern

While it is wonderful that the BBC continues to spend the money to bring high-quality American drama to the poor TV screens of Airstrip One, it is rather embarrassing to be starting on a series a month after the season finale has been shown across the pond, not to mention the temptation to skip the wait with a torrent.
Still, Heroes is sterling stuff, and I’m glad to finally be able to watch it. And, best of all, it has a plot that is actually going somewhere; a mercy after two years of Lost.
Anyway, Eyes, by the band Rogue Wave, was featured prominently in the first two or three episodes, and, being a nice tune, I thought it was worth featuring. It’s the B-side to their single Publish My Love.

Rogue Wave – Eyes [MP3 Removed, via I Guess I’m Floating]
Rogue Wave – Publish My Love [MP3 Removed]
Rogue Wave [iTunes]

Image by Dunechaser on Flickr