by Alex Hern

Fancy Footwork(ah)Like The Hold Steady, Chromeo are another band who I assume have ‘made it’ in the states (based on the coverage I see over here), and yet I’ve yet to meet a single Brit who knows them. Clearly I need some more friends, but the point remains…
Someone told me they were hip hop, but no hip hop I’ve ever heard has a robot singing. Wikipedia tells me they are electrofunk, which matches what I am hearing, but also sounds like a completely made up genre.

Posted here are a few of my faves. First up is Fancy Footwork, the title track from their new album. For some reason it reminds me of West End Girls. That has more to do with the fact that I haven’t heard any Pet Shop Boys for a while than it does with what the song actually sounds like. It kicks off like some happy hardcore anthem, but quickly falls into that good old, uh, electrofunk.
Next up is Needy Girl, which shows where they got the funk part of that genre before. If you’ve ever heard of Chromeo before, this will probably be the song that you’ve heard. It also has a bridge in which he talks on the phone to his (needy) girlfriend. Make of that what you will.
Finally, there is something for people who do know, and like Chromeo, and want MORE. From the Vice Gets Incestuous EP, it is the Bloc Party remix of Needy Girl. Smartly, they leave much of the song unchanged, and just boost the, uh, electroness. Although it does have a nice, slow-build intro, that makes it sound a bit like Dreadlock Holiday.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork [MP3 Removed]
Chromeo – Needy Girl [MP3 Removed]
Chromeo – Needy Girl (Bloc Party Remix) [MP3 Removed]