Lady Tigra – Pinkberry

by Alex Hern

I know it is unlikely that there is any connection, but when Tigra sings “Sorry Ice Cream, I’m on my way to Pinkberry”, I keep hearing that as a dig against New Young Pony Club. She was there first, and she is always going to be cooler. For fuck’s sake, she is advertising (what is essentially) Angel Delight, and the song still comes off as a million times better than anything London’s current lot could do.
Quick history lesson:
1988: L’Trimm, aka Lady Tigra and Bunny D, two 18 year olds from Miami, release Cars That Go Boom. Top 40 in the States.
1989: Band split up.
2007: Lady Tigra records the jingle for an American version of Angel Delight, and effortlessly trumps the whole of new rave’s combined output.

Fuck, I need me some of that shit.

Lady Tigra – Pinkberry [MP3 Removed, via Idolator]
L’Trimm – Cars That Go Boom [MP3 Removed, via Idolator]

Image taken from Roboppy‘s photostream