The Education @ The Old Blue Last

by Alex Hern

Last Wednesday, The Education put on one of their nights, upstairs at the Old Blue Last (the Shoreditch boozer owned by Vice Magazine). I was there. It was good.

Burmese Days live @ Old Blue LastThe first band up were my old mates, Burmese Days. They took to a stage with a revamped set, a new track, and, after two songs, a broken keyboard. Which led to a nice spontaneous acappela bit. Probably quite embarrassing for the band, I’d guess, but pretty fun to watch and be involved in.
Anyway, the new set hints at a harder sound for Burmese Days, and I for one approve. These guys could go far, and current star track “Early Hours” gets better every time I hear it.

Burmese Days – Early Hours [MP3 Removed]
Burmese Days [Myspace]

Sportsday Megaphone live @ Old Blue LastSportsday Megaphone is a man and his Laptop. When you hear that, you expect something kinda like Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. You’d be wrong to expect that. No wussy acoustic guitar from this man, and he uses the laptop to full effect. No band, no matter how talented could hope to equal the sounds this pairing makes. When he gets onstage, you instantly feel the intensity, and as soon as he starts playing guitar, you realise that that intensity is fully backed up by a speed and skill that few can match. After just two songs, he snaps a string, which leads to him borrowing a £1500 Rickenbacker from the headliners, just in time for his standout song, Less and Less.

Sportsday Megaphone – Less and Less [MP3 Removed, via eardrums]
Sportsday Megaphone [Myspace]

586 live @ Old Blue LastWhy was 4 afraid of 5? Because 586! As these guys come on, every one under the age of 25 leaves the venue. I don’t know why. Maybe a combination of school tomorrow, and 586’s unerring refusal to subscribe to any scene. That doesn’t mean these guys aren’t cool though; oh no. They are one of the most talented, good looking, best dressed, fun bands around. They just lose da kids to, well, the other kids.
They briefly looked like they had a chance with the release of their debut, We Got Bored, but by the time the better follow up, Money is the Drug, came out, they had been forgotten about.
Which is a fucking shame. I love em.

586 – Money is the drug [MP3 Removed]
586 – [Myspace]