by Alex Hern

Following up on my selections from indiechristoph’s Massive Amounts of Bloc Party post, I felt I had to post this track, a cover by Tempera[mental] of Like Eating Glass. Taken from blocparty.net’s Blag Party project, a fan-driven effort to create a Bloc Party covers album, it turns the song into an electremo hit, reminiscent most of hellogoodbye, but with a little bit of Postal Service/Dntel in there as well. It uses vocoder for massive damage. I don’t know what it is about vocoder that gets me, but some days I just wish every band could sound like Stephen Hawking on ecstasy. Then I slap myself, and listen to some Johnny Cash.

Tempera[mental] – Like Eating Glass [MP3 Removed, via indiechristoph]

BONUS TRACK! For all your crazy vocoder needs.

Cher – Believe [MP3 Removed]

SUPER BONUS TRACK! If a measly four minutes of Cher isn’t enough, and you want to push it up to the 9:25 mark. Hint: Don’t actually listen to it. To quote a commenter over at jefitoblog:

“This is like when you have wicked diahrea and kick out a load, then stand up, believing the worst is over, only to have to retake the throne for more royal purging.

Essentially: 9:24 minutes of shite.”

Cher – Believe (Club 69 Future Anthem Mix) [MP3 Removed, via jefitoblog]