Rarer than an esquilax

by Alex Hern

indiechristoph has just put up a Bloc Party mega-post, and what a joy it is. 19 tracks in all, ranging from B sides and remixes (by, and of, the east London mope-rockers) through covers, to an actual unreleased track. I have no idea where that came from, but personally I can see why they left it out.
While I highly recommend you click through to see the whole thing, I decided to repost a couple of the more interesting ones, and top it up with another of my own.
First up, Bloc Party (one of the most acclaimed British acts this decade) mashed up with Coldplay (turd-flavoured Angel delight), coming out… not too shabby.
Then, an acoustic version of Storm and Stress. I really posted it just because I feel smart for recognising it as the translation of the Sturm und Drang movement. That, and it reminds me of the greatest book title ever; Paul Merton’s autobiography, My Struggle. Try translating that into German.
Finally, a much better acoustic version, of their current single, I Still Remember. Pretty good.
Bloc Party vs Coldplay – Hunting For Witches In My Place [MP3 Removed, via indiechristoph]
Bloc Party – Storm and Stress (Acoustic Version) [MP3 Removed, via indiechristoph]
Bloc Party – I Still Remember (Acoustic Version) [MP3 Removed, via Good Weather for Airstrikes]