Because “Cars” just isn’t enough for some bands

by Alex Hern

Late of the Pier, Live at Nambucca, 2.12.2006Winning the award for most shameless ripoff (or have they just sampled it?) of the week is Late of the Pier’s Space and the Woods. FFS, it just opens with the riff from Cars by Gary Neuman. Incidentally, did you know that Gary Neuman as well as being a pretty damn good musician, he is a trained pilot? He’s a rockstar who can fly! How mental is that!
Actually, Space and the Woods is a pretty good song, and I have great respect for Late of the Pier, if for no other reason than the fact that they managed to avoid being tarred with the nu-rave brush – pity the poor fuckers that did – I just can’t get over that opening… Ah well.
Late of the Pier – Space and the Woods [MP3 Removed, via the putz factory]