What Linkin Park Have Done

by Alex Hern

Doubtless I’m behind everyone else, but I just heard the new Linkin Park track today, What I’ve Done. There was once a time when I was an enormous LP fan, buying every album and most singles. I still think Hybrid Theory and Meteora stand up pretty well compared to how the genre has evolved; I’ll listen to them for more than just nostalgia’s sake.
But the new song, What I’ve Done, is pretty awful. For one thing, by burying Mike Shinoda’s contributions in the final refrain, they have totally destroyed the thing that made them most popular, and now sound like any run of the mill Emo band. But even for your standard mass-produced pulp, this is dull. A tuneless verse leads into a forgettable chorus; about the only thing with any feeling is the (two-line) pre-chorus. And when you are complementing a pre-chorus, things are bad.
But far, far worse than the song, is the video. Shamelessly using intensely powerful imagery to promote band aid was bad enough. In this song, with no message at all, this type of stuff (Famine in Africa, nuclear explosions, auschwitz) is inexcusable. The best conclusion I can come to is that Linkin Park are accepting responsibility for 9/11. That would be interesting, at least.
Linkin Park – What I’ve Done [MP3 Removed, via appears]
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