Transparent Magazine

by Alex Hern

Transparent is a magazine and a club night, that has, without anyone noticing, taken over the entire London music scene. If there is an up and coming london band, they will have played transparent. Its just impossible not to. With impeccable taste, only the best bands are booked, in venues that will seem ludicrous in six months time. The poster on the right was the line-up for their first ever club night, just over a year ago. It speaks for itself, really.
The whole thing is the brain-(and love-)child of Sahil Varma, a man with a love of music and a flair for spotting a good act from miles away, who has now launched the transparent blog, an attempt to keep the whole thing fresh. One day in, and already I’ve been pipped to the post – Burmese Days’ Giving Up On the Girl is there, laughing at my feeble attempts to be the first to post it. Clearly not a blog to be messed with!
Burmese Days – Giving Up on the Girl [MP3 Removed – via transparent]
Dizzee Rascal vs Zongamin – Stand Up Tall (remix) [MP3 Removed – via transparent]