Random Myspace Band: Jim’ll’s Brain

by Alex Hern

Random myspace surfing rarely brings up anything of any merit, random myspace invites even less so. But that’s because few people with the drive required to sit at a computer clicking add to friends are as insane as Jim’ll is. Well, everyone who does that is insane in some way, but only Jim’ll puts it into his music.
Recording under the name Jim’ll’s Brain, he writes songs about stalking (“Stalk You”) and getting your picture in the NME (“Picture in the NME”). As well as having the best titles since Snakes on a Plane, they are actually genuinely crafted acoustic pop, with some synth thrown in there for the hell of it. The lyrics are more of that slice-of-life stuff so favoured by people who review songs, but only if your life is borderline illegal.
This is your life on drugs.
Jim’ll’s Brain – Stalk You [MP3 Removed]
Jim’ll’s Brain – Picture in the NME [MP3 Removed]