Cajun Dance Party learn not to touch, catalyse…

by Alex Hern

Cajun Dance Party are one of the many bands emerging from the Way Out West stable to bigger and brighter things. If that means nothing to you, maybe these names will jog your memory: Jamie T, Larrikin Love, Les Incompétents.
Cajun Dance Party’s first single is being released on Way Out West’s own label, which is an experiment in itself. It is called The Next Untouchable, and, being at least two years old, was written before the band had even done their GCSEs.
One that probably won’t be heard again is Amylase. While the band wear their youth on their sleeve, having a song named after the catalyst featured in GCSE biology coursework just isn’t very cool…
Cajun Dance Party – The Next Untouchable (Demo) [MP3 Removed]
Cajun Dance Party – Amylase (Demo) [MP3 Removed]