SXSW 2007: 65daysofstatic

by Alex Hern

I first saw 65daysofstatic at an XFM All-dayer way back in January 2006 at the Camden Barfly. They were a band altogether too large for the stage they inhabited, both in terms of the sound they made – akin to a symphony orchestra equipped with electronic instruments – and physical presence; while they only have four members, much of the space was filled with an array of samplers, synths and keyboards. If I’m being honest, I was underwhelmed. Sandwiched between Jamie T and the Long Blondes, 65days were a bit of an unwelcome shock to the system.
Which is why its such to revisit them and find that I was wrong. In hindsight, they were without a doubt the most original band present, and I’m sure that audiences at SXSW found them a treat.
The song “Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here” is a typical example of the sort of beautifully complex song they write. With an ever shifting tempo, its luscious swells and fades manage to be totally engrossing despite it being totally instrumental – a rare feat.
65daysofstatic – Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here[MP3]