This post was chiseled from solid rock with John Hassall’s cheekbones

by Alex Hern

Whatever happened to Yeti? It seemed that after the Libertines went on a hiatus (I CAN HOPE) he was guaranteed some of the success that he was forbidden. Instead, they released one single, supported Razorlight on a tour, behind Noel Fielding on the bill, and then kind of disappeared.
Their website is a shambles, their album has vanished into the ether, and with Pete and Carl making reconciliatory moves, it looks like there may be an end in sight for this side project.
Which is a shame. Because as well as the single, Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder/Working for the Industry (ironic, given that he, you know, isn’t), there are some decent tries out there. Apparently he wrote some of the Libertines material. Wonder which?
Yeti – Midnight Flight [MP3]
Yeti – Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder [M4A]
Image ganked from Beautification Sydrome’s photostream. It’s a Yeti!
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