Avril Lavigne Needn’t Do Better

by Alex Hern

I like Avril Lavigne. Yes, I feel I should alienate some readers today.
I like Avril Lavigne. You could tell she was going to be big when Athlete ripped off Complicated for their song El Salvador (listen to them. You’ll see what I mean). OK, fine, you could tell she was going to be big when her first single shot to number one, and she became the youngest ever female solo artist to have a number one album, but I digress.
I like Avril Lavigne. Girlfriend has possibly one of the best lines ever heard in a pop song.

She’s like, so whatever

I like Avril Lavigne. She is married to Deryck Whibley, who, some of you will remember, rocks.
I like Avril Lavigne. Based on this cut from the album, there is going to be more to like.
I like Avril Lavigne. But I hate clean edits. Say “Shit”, dammit!
Avril Lavigne – I Can Do Better (Clean Edit) [MP3 via Idolator]