The Wombats

by Alex Hern

Wombats are really cute. Unless you know stuff about them. Like, never put your hand down a wombat hole. It will brace its legs, pushing your hand against the roof, crushing every bone in it. You will probably die.
But look at that picture!
Anyway. The other sort of Wombat is a scouse band (EDIT: Aaah! They’re from Leeds!). They don’t kill people with their super strong legs (to the best of my knowledge), but they do play catchy guitar pop with nice song titles.
This song is a Zane Lowe session of current single Backfire at the Disco, from the blog Keep Hope Inside. Released yesterday, its a tale of failure on the pull. I had that once. No, just kidding, I never fail.
The Wombats – Backfire at the Disco (Radio 1 Session) [MP3]
Image ganked from photosydney’s photostream