Some Body Says

by Alex Hern

Some Body @ Way Out West, Bush Hall, 3rd April 2007
Some Body is one man from Esher, a rather dull suburb of a rather dull suburb of London. I’m allowed to say this; I’ve got friends from Esher. I know that is the equivalent of saying “I’ve got black friends” after being racist, but really, I don’t like Esher.
Anyway, Some Body (or ‘Nigel’) crafts sublime short pop songs, with a real emphasis on meaningful lyrics. He’ll perform live with just one instrument at a time, except when he doesn’t, and my favourite song is Oceana, except when it isn’t.
Its one of those songs that is both specific, and wonderfully general. Everyone knows a place like Oceana, but only people from Kingston know the real thing.
Some Body – Oceana [MP3]
Some Body [Myspace]