The Independent Scrutineer – Pagan Wanderer Lu

by Alex Hern

I have been a fan of Brainlove Records for most of its (admittedly short) existence. Ever since I signed up for their 7″ club, (an action which finally won me over to the world of vinyl) I have been overwhelmed by the sheer quality of all the music on offer.

Pagan Wanderer Lu, one of the most reliable artists in their stable, is, lets be frank here, insane. Making an entire band’s worth of sound on his own, using nothing more than… well, OK, I think he must own every single electronic instrument ever, he writes songs ranging from a scathing, and very loud, attack on the NHS (our New Hospital Sucks) to a track seemingly entitled —-, which is so freaking ambient I thought Brian Eno had come on.

And that is just on his new release, a six track EP released last week. His entire discography (which he claims spans ten EPs, two albums and a cassette) is truely insane, with some songs that must be heard to be believed, and some more that must be heard to be believed. But in a bad way.

The EP is available from Brainlove Records for £6.50

Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Independent Scrutineer [Buy]

Pagan Wanderer Lu – Hospital Radio Hits EP [ZIP]