Love Will Tear Us Apart

by Alex Hern

If Ian Curtis were still alive, he would be 50. Sobering thought huh? Worse than that, he would probably be like Bernard Sumner. And I’m not sure Bernard Sumner likes being like Bernard Sumner.

Anyway, his 50th birthday was July this year, and if you were more switched on than me, you probably noticed that. But I didn’t, and so until recently wandered why there was a sudden upsurge in Joy Division covers. Now I know! They were probably all orchestrated by people who knew more than me about this sort of thing!

Anyway, the first one I heard, pretty much on time, was José Gonzales (he of annoying music fame) doing Love Will Tear Us Apart in front of an audience in Germany. Probably not a place where the name Joy Division is that welcome, but they seem to like it all the same.

This then led me onto a little spree of alternate versions of it, starting with the live cut from Joy Division’s own album, Substance, and leading on to Fall Out Boy and SWANS. Suprisingly (very, very surprisingly), my favourite version was Fall Out Boy’s. They lend it an air of poppiness that I think it absorbs really quite well.

José Gonzales – Love Will Tear Us Apart [MP3 – Removed]

Fall Out Boy – Love Will Tear Us Apart [MP3 – Removed – via Idolator]

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live) [MP3 – Removed]

SWANS – Love Will Tear Us Apart [MP3 – Removed – via xPQwRtz]