Hot Chip

by Alex Hern


At the front row of most gigs, the atmostphere is one of two: aggressive, or passive-aggressive. People are either fighting for a space at the front, or pretending not to fight for a space at the front, while secretly hoping they could get some of Darth Vader’s powers, and force choke everyone in front of them.
At Hot Chip concerts, its just… different. Possibly it’s the size of the venues they play, possibly the time they are on (invariably late), maybe its just them themselves, but for some reason, Hot Chip are the only band I’ve ever seen where the front row are facing backwards.
It is this that rises Hot Chip above the rest of the “Nu-Rave” bands, who are essentially just guitar bands of old, but with screechy synth (incidentally, it is this that proves uncyclopedia’s claim that “The NME is a fashion magazine cunningly disguised as a music magazine.” The only difference between a Nu-Rave band such as, say, Klaxons, and your common-or-garden electro is glowsticks and bright T-shirts. Thats. It. But I digress). You see, Hot Chip gigs feel like raves. Everyone is there for the music, there is dancing, people are friendly, and no one gets crushed against the barriers.

Tune in tomorrow for the flip side.

My Patch (Hot Chip Remix) – Jim Noir [MP3 – Removed]
Careful – Hot Chip [MP3 – Removed]