Tim Ten Yen – When The Song Applies To You

by Alex Hern

Tim Ten YenConfession: I have, on one occasion, come close to tears while listening to Daniel Bedingfield’s If You’re Not The One. Why is this pertinent? Well, it appears that Tim Ten Yen has done the same. When The Song Applies to You is his ode to those really cheesy songs, that, just when you are at your lowest, suddenly make sense.
He has obviously bounced back from that low point, though, because this is a cheerful ditty, opening with a synth tune that is sure to cheer anyone up, and with witty lyrics that you can’t help but actually pay attention to you.

Available on the Brainlove Records 7″ Club.

Tim Ten Yen – When The Song Applies To You [MP3 – Removed]