The Holloways – Two Left Feet

by Alex Hern

This single is The Holloways’ third, and the second signed to a label proper. While the band were wary about releasing a song that has already been pressed once (as the B-side to their first CD, Generator), they couldn’t have chosen a better time for a re-release. Violins are often used in pop songs these days, but fiddles are much rarer, and the appearance of one here really pushes it up that notch from ‘happy song’ to ‘bona-fide summer classic’. Because, as even the artwork hints at, this is a song meant to be listened to in the summer. Sure to get you on your (two, left) feet all through August, and, if the band are lucky, into September as well, a song like this in the rain is like a fishing trip in the drought (pointless and annoying). But make the most of its limited life-span, and enjoyment will be gleaned.

The Holloways – Two Left Feet [MP3 – Removed]